Alphabet Soup

1. A2


3. H2




While doing this assignment I found more letters than I could have imagined. I started seeing letters everywhere when I started looking.  It’s interesting to think about how we can perceive our surroundings. As letters, or as anything we want really if we put our minds to it.  This assignment reminded me what our minds are capable of and how much creativity we have stored up inside without realizing it.  I wish more people would realize how much beauty they can come up with if they only try.

Blog Post two:

Journalist always seemed to be in the background of the biggest events in history.  Now journalist are almost in the foreground.  With social media running society, journalists have been able to take control and now we have self-proclaimed journalists who post blogs and share them on facebook.  What we don’t take in account is how much journalist have really meant to the history of the world. Our history. Some of the most emotionally evoking images are from photojournalists.  A great example of a photojournalist making a lasting image is a photo by Annie Leibovitz.  She took the famous photo of John Lennon and Yoko Ono laying in bed, shot only hours before the assassination of Lennon. Her photo appeared on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine.

Without people like Annie Leibovitz, we would lose so many images that say even more than a thousand words.


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